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By - rmagill
11.03.21 07:00 PM

Jack was confused. His boss wanted him to take on more responsibilities - even a leadership role with a good raise. He just wasn't sure if he wanted to stay with his company. It was a good company, but there were others out there. He didn't want to miss out if another job opened up somewhere else. But he also didn't want to miss out on the promotion.

Jack was also confused about his marriage. He loved his wife, but the relationship was getting boring. He was starting to wonder if he made a mistake in marrying Jill.

Jack needed commitment.

What Is Commitment?

Commitment can seem restricting, but it doesn't have to be! Commitment can help us free up our personal resources so we can be free and flexible in meeting our goals! It helps us:

  • Focus
  • Follow Through
  • Ignore Distractions
  • Prioritize Choices
  • Maintain motivation

How Can Commitment Help?

When we stick with our commitments, we:

  • Remove uncertainty about what we want or need
  • Show we are trustworthy
  • Show we are reliable
  • Encourage others to do the same

Back to Jack

Back to Jack.  Jack realized he made several commitments. He made a commitment to Jill, and he needed to talk to her about being unhappy in their relationship. He decided to use direct communication to tell Jill he was unhappy and to see how they could make some changes in their relationship.

He also remembered he signed a 2-year contract with his employer. He only had about 8 months left. He knew he could stick it out until then. Of course, he would start to look for new work in about 6 months, but that was then. Jack realized he needed to engage more and work and talk with his boss, too, about his struggles so they would both be happy with Jack maintaining his commitment.