• Our mental health counselors are passionate about providing support, education, and accountability so you can find the freedom to live the life you want.

Magill Counseling Associates

We Offer In Person and Online Appointments (Like FaceTime or Skype)

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Providing individual, couples, family, and mental health counseling online and in Ephrata, PA

Feeling overwhelmed, trapped, or lost? 

Not sure what the next steps are?

Our mental health counselors and couples therapists can help you find the freedom to live the life you want!

What To Expect in Counseling With Us:

Our mental health counselors and couples therapists provide practical guidance to help you with relationship stress and conflict, anxiety, depression, anger management, and impulsivity, among others. Our mental health counseling is tailored to your exact situation. This starts from the very first session and continues throughout each appointment.

As a result, we meet you where you’re at in the process, and we help guide you through life’s roadblocks so you can live the life you want.

We don’t just listen to your concerns! We also provide you with honest feedback and strategies to use as you move forward on the journey to healing.

Most importantly, we stay focused on your goals for counseling. As a result, you can find immediate relief and make continued progress towards the life you want.

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We use a variety of counseling approaches based on your specific needs:

  • Online Counseling (like Skype or Facetime, but over a secure platform)
  • CBT, ACT, Existential, Psychodynamic, Motivational Interviewing
  • Play Therapy
  • Christian Counseling (as requested)
  • Couples Therapy / Gottman Method, an approach developed by Dr. John Gottman, a prominent couples therapist
  • And more, depending on what is most helpful to you


Online Counseling

Online Counseling provides an effective way to meet with a counselor face-to-face without being in the same room. We use Zoom, which allows for you and your counselor to see and hear each other in real time, the ability to draw on a white board, and more!

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling provides one-to-one counseling to dive into your roadblocks and what is concerning you.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling provides a platform to work with your partner to resolve conflicts in your relationship, learn skills to improve your relationship, and take average relationships and make them great.


Groups can provide a powerful, cost-effective way to find personal freedom! In a group, it becomes very obvious that you are not alone in your struggle - everyone else in the group is dealing with the same things! You can get feedback from your peers - and from trained therapists! Even introverts can benefit from a group, because the focus is not always on you!

Payment Options

Insurances Accepted
Insurances Accepted

Insurances Accepted:

  • Highmark
  • United / UBH
  • Optum
  • Performcare
  •  Quest
  • Lyra
  • Most EAPs
  • Most Medical Assistance plans
 ServiceMaster's Level Clinician
 Initial Appointment
 $145 $50
 Individual Appointment (50-60 min)
 $130 $50
 Couples/Family Appointment (50-60 min)
 $130 $50
 GroupVaries by Group