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​Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling Services

Looking for the right counseling services can seem cookie-cutter. No matter what, a counselor meets with you once a week. Or less. Sometimes, none of their services is a great fit.

We keep things flexible. We offer a range of counseling services in Ephrata, PA and online to fit your unique situation. You get exactly the help you need, as often as needed.

Individual Counseling
Couples Counseling
Family Counseling
Online Counseling
Christian Counseling
Individual Counseling
individual counseling
Life throws unexpected things at us. Sometimes, we can manage on our own. Other times we need help from family or friends. Sometimes, we need more.

Imagine pulling out of your driveway. Suddenly the car makes a clunking noise. Then shuts off. And, now it wont start. You probably need a trusted mechanic to get your car working again.

Good mechanics get your car going again quickly. And they are good at it! Counselors are like mechanics for people. We are specifically trained to help people find freedom from obstacles. It doesn’t matter if they are immediate or long-term roadblocks. Individual counseling - also called mental health counseling, therapy, or psychotherapy - is simply how we help someone find the freedom to move forward.
Individual Counseling Can Help With:
 What Is Counseling Like?
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Behavioral Challenges
  • Compulsions
  • Depression
  • Dual-Diagnosis
  • Life-Long Roadblocks
  • Relationship Issues
  • And More!
Every counselor is a little bit different. However, there are some similarities. Every counselor at Magill Counseling Associates:
  • Respects you as a person – We all have different goals in life. We work with you to help you meet your goals
  • Provide honest and practical feedback – We provide new perspective and tools. We also help you find new options you didn’t see before. Sometimes you might learn things about yourself that you didn’t know. This helps you to move forward with your life
  • Provide support – We provide a space for you to process your life
  • Values confidentiality – Everything you say stays in the room with your counselor. Your friends or family wont know you see a counselor unless you tell them. There are only 1 or 2 legally required exceptions to this (your counselor can explain these to you)

Couples Counseling
couples counseling
We know the stories of Cinderella, knights in shining armor, and rescuing the princess. We enjoy these stories because they are, frankly, a change from reality. Relationships are much more difficult in real-life. This let-down is even bigger when conflict shows up. Arguments, disagreements, laziness, and cheating all make relationships seem, well, impossible. However, couples counseling can show the way forward!

What is Couples Counseling?
Couples counseling is simply meeting with your partner and a counselor. The counselor is specifically trained to help improve relationships. The focus is on what each person in the relationship can do a little different to help the relationship improve. Sure, people will change as the result of couples counseling. But the focus is on the relationship.

Sometimes, a couple will benefit from meeting together as a couple and also each meeting with their own individual counselor.

Couples Counseling Can Help With:Your Couples Therapist:
  • Long-term or ongoing conflict
  • Infidelity
  • Frequent arguments
  • Arguing over little things
  • Constant criticism
  • Contempt for your partner
  • Stonewalling conversations
  • Defensiveness
  • Moving from a Good relationship to a Great relationship
  • And more!
  • Listens – We listen to both sides. We work to understand where each person is coming from
  • Educates – We provide information and skills to help the relationship move forward
  • Problem solves – We work together with both people to find workable solutions for your relationship
  • Supports – Sometimes all that is needed is space to talk through an argument. Your couples therapist can provide space for the difficult conversations
  • Refers – A person may need to meet with an individual counselor and a couples therapist. We can provide individual counseling or a referral that will best fit your needs.
  • Values confidentiality – Everything you say stays in the room with your counselor. Your family friends, coworkers, etc. wont know you see a counselor unless you tell them. There are only 1 or 2 legally required exceptions to this (your counselor can explain these to you). 

Family Counseling
family counseling
Family can be absolutely wonderful. Or frustrating and stressful. Sometimes both. At the same time. How do you navigate the challenges of your family? Especially when you or a close relative is struggling with depression, anxiety, or other challenges?

Advice from a friend or another relative can help. Sometimes, though, that isn’t enough. At times an outside opinion or perspective is needed. Family counseling provides an objective, neutral, and professional perspective about your family. This leads to better behaved children and teens, increased communication, less arguments, and more!

Family Counseling Can Help With:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Defiant behavior
  • Conflict with teenagers
  • Conflict with children
  • Difficult family members
  • Children and teens with autism
  • Difficulties with extended family
  • Helping family member through their struggles
  • And more!

Your Family Counselor:
  • Listens – We listen to the concerns of each family member.
  • Sets goals – We work with you to set goals for the family.
  • Is direct – We identify roadblocks to success and directly address them.
  • Motivates for progress – We help take the next steps forward.
  • Refers – Sometimes individual counseling may be helpful for one or more family members. When this happens, you will be provided with an appropriate referral – whether that is another counselor here or with another provider.
  • Values confidentiality – Everything you say stays in the room with your counselor. Your friends or family wont know you see a counselor unless you tell them. There are only 1 or 2 legally required exceptions to this (your counselor can explain these to you).

The family you want does not have to stay a dream. You can take steps today for you and your family!

If you or a family member are struggling with anxiety, depression, or behavioral struggles, give us a call! See how we can help you and your family become free from the obstacles to be the family you want!

Online Counseling
online counseling
Counseling can be very beneficial, but sometimes getting to counseling is a problem. Maybe driving to the appointment is a problem. There could be a foot of snow on the ground. Perhaps you don’t want to be seen in a counseling office. Sometimes our schedules are so full we can’t find the time to drive to or from our appointment. Online counseling can help with all of these and more!

What is Online Counseling?
  • Live and real-time
  • Audio and visual (think Skype or Facetime)
  • Secure
  • Confidential
  • Private
  • We use Zoom for our online appointments
What are the Benefits of Online Counseling?What do I Need for Online Counseling?
  • Easily access counseling, regardless of weather, distance, or transportation options
  • No commute time
  • No waiting in a waiting room
  • You can still meet while on business trips
  • You can meet if that vacation is more stressful than calming
  • Families can meet, even if they are in different locations
  • Quicker access to counseling if you are overwhelmed
  • In the convenience of your living room – or back yard
  • Easier access to the counselor who is the best fit for you
  • And More!
  • Stable internet connection
  • Camera
  • Speakers
  • Microphone
  • The Zoom app
  • A smart phone is often perfect!

Christian Counseling
christian counseling

Life’s difficult. It is even more difficult when anxiety, depression, anger, frustrations, and conflict creep in.

What we believe can be a profound help. It is a source of strength and hope. Faith can provide a light on the way forward!

But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes what we believe only seems to make things worse. What we believe can cause self-doubt, questioning, and self-criticism. So what can we do? We need a way to look at how our actions and beliefs relate. Sometimes they line up. Sometimes they don’t. When they don’t we can feel anxious, irritable, upset, etc. Christian counseling provides a way to look at how what we do and what we believe line up in helpful and unhelpful ways.

So, What is Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling is an approach to counseling that can be “added on” to other types of counseling. Christian counseling can take place in individual, couples, family, and group settings.

What it is:
What it isn't:
  • Optional
  • A way to understand your life
  • Helps you make sense of life
  • Helps to make sense of God
  • A counselor who knows why you believe what you do
  • Church
  • A sermon or lecture
  • A Bible study
  • Making you believe what your counselor believes
  • Quoting verses back and forth

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