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Our Mental Health, Couples, and Group Specialties


When we are sick (ok, sick enough), we go to the doctor. Depending what is wrong, you don’t just want any doctor. You want a doctor that specializes in what you have.

Our counselors have their own specialties. This means that we can often help you more effectively – and in less time – than general counselors.

Here are some of our specialties:

Couples Counseling

No one gets into a relationship just to get divorced. But after the Cinderella honeymoon phase wears off, relationships can need some help.  And it's ok! There isn't a "How to do relationships well 101" class in high school. Our expert couples counselors can help get your relationship back on track!


The breaking of trust, commitment, and a sense of betrayal can make recovering from infidelity very difficult. But there is hope! Our experts have helped many couples successfully more forward together after infidelity.

Communication Problems

No one gets into a relationship to argue, or into a conversation to not be understood, but sometimes that is what happens. It can take someone outside the relationship to identify and help correct breakdowns in communication - or even frequent arguments. We are very experienced in helping people communicate effectively with each other!

Women's Issues

Women face unique struggles today. Our women's issues specialists understand what it takes to live into all that it means to be a woman and face these unique struggles. We understand the path to be free to be the woman you want to be, and can help you get there!

Men's Issues

Men face unique struggles today, and none of them are particularly easy. Our men's issues specialists understand what it means to be a man and the impact of these struggles on each man. We can help you find the freedom to be the man want to be!

Anger Management

Anger can get the best of us at times, but it doesn't have to control us. We are highly skilled in helping our clients recognize and change the patterns that lead to anger. We also offer an Anger Management Group that can help in this process.

Mental Health Counseling

Mental health can have a profound impact on our day to day life. Being anxious or depressed can take over. But we don't have to be stuck there! Our clinical mental health counselors can quickly develop a plan to get life back on track while addressing the underlying anxiety, depression, etc.


Going through life worrying about the next... well, anything, is exhausting. And paralyzing. Our anxiety experts are skilled at providing practical ways to manage anxiety in the here-and-now while addressing the underlying causes of the anxiety. This gives you both short-term and long-term relief from anxiety!


Depression is so much more than just feeling down. It can be debilitating. But even when it isn't obvious, our depression experts can help you find hope, motivation, and a path forward!

Stress Management

Out of nowhere, life can give us what seems like 1000 things that aren't going right. Or one big stress bomb seems to drop on us. Either way, our stress management experts can help you prioritize your next steps while developing ways to manage the stress so you can move forward.

Impulse Control

It doesn't matter if it is gambling, pornography, or another difficulty with controlling impulsive behavior.  Our impulse control experts can help you stop the self-destructive behaviors and find the freedom to live the life you want to live.

Christian Counseling

What we believe has a profound impact on who we are and what we do. Our counselors are highly skilled in connecting how our faith can help - or get in the way of - our mental, emotional, and relationship health. Christian counseling is never forced, but is an option for those whose Christian faith is very important to them.